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“I try to stay true to myself; and what separates me is my willpower. I don’t sleep.”

Brittany Sky_Neree


A burning intensity churns in the soul of the man behind the lens; torpedoed through the camera’s eye, it manifests into the subject. The result, branded by the iconic ‘N’ symbol, is the work of Patrick Neree –  photographer, director, and artist.


Jenn Hamer

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Describing his style as refreshing, with an editorial feel”, Patrick cites his famed photographer Derek Blanks, video director Hype Williams, and legendary workhorse Will Smith as his influences.  Patrick expands on his style: “I always shoot to print. Don’t take a shot, and think you’ll ‘fix’ it in editing. Get the shot, now! The composition, the lighting…what does the subject represent? It’s about the story you can illustrate; how can you draw your audience in – it’s not about Photoshop. It’s all about seeing the photo, before you shoot it.”

RicaWade_Patrick Neree_iii

Rica Wade III Editorial


Between photoshoots,fashion shows, weddings, concerts, and all else, Patrick has also found time to devote to filmography, consistent with a life of constant growth. Soon to bring his talent to film, Patrick understands that the toughest part about his situation is also the most vital: “Consistency. That’s what motivates me. Staying consistent – that’s tough. I can’t get food with yesterday’s pay. I strive to stay true to myself, and what separates me from everyone else is my willpower – I don’t sleep.”

 For more photography  please visit our gallery - info@nereestudios.com -

words by Nisarg 

Rica Wade II Editorial

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  3. I really respect how you have grown this life changing decision and manifested it into your own reality. You took your courage coupled with hours of learning, hard work and dedication to bring your dream and vision into the real world. That is the essence of greatest. I am expecting many more great things from you cousin. I guess its my turn to learn from you.

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