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In Studio With Waka Flocka Flame & Roger Dat

Waka Flocka Flame In the studio with Roger Dat.WakaFlocka Roger Dat Neree Photos

In the studio while Waka Flocka vibes out to some of Roger Dat’s tracks you already know it was some fire. So look out for some potential collaborations.

Waka Flocka Flame Roger Dat Neree Photos

Waka Flocka is signed to Aslyum Records (1017 BRICK SQUAD). You’ll see him featured on tracks with Gucci Mane and is also a part of the So Icey Boys. More images of him below with Roger Dat and also the latest videos of him goin in FLOCKAAAA!!!

Waka Flocka On BET’s The Deal along with Nicki Minaj & OJ Da Juiceman



  1. regine louis

    thats a great picture and i hope i`ll meet one day waka flocka flame cause you are the beest rapper i ever had and that i can spend some time meeting you and get to know you cause i`m really the only child my parents ever had and that its really hard to not go some where when theres is your concert. so i`m really looking forward to meeting you some day

  2. Brittany

    waka looks good in any picture he takes…’s WAKA FLOCKA!!!! YEA!
    LOL i just love waka alot i listent to everything he does…while some people dont give him a chance….but I DID!!!!!! and im happy i did… Much love to you flocka

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