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Inspiration: Necole | The Land Of Familiar..

stills by Patrick Neree

Necole flashes back to a time before the success of her brand, read excerpt below.

The Land Of Familiar: Why I Left New York (Part 1)

It was about 5:40pm, the movers had just left with all of my things and my car was already half way across the country via a shipping service I had found on the internet a few days before.  At this point I didn’t even know if the shipping company was legit or if I was ever going to see my car again. I just knew that I had to….

get everything out of my sight and across the country or I would change my mind…and that wasn’t an option.

There I was standing in Brooklyn in my empty apartment, starring at the skyline of downtown New York and I didn’t know whether to cry, be sad, be happy, call someone, write in my journal. I had no idea what to do. All I knew was that, in 4 hours I would be headed to the airport to catch a red eye to LA and I was terrified.  But why?

Considering, I’ve moved more than a few times in my life………

Read full story here.

Sidenote:  My intentions when I titled this blog was to write about my last day in New York but I got inspired to write more about my journey in the midst of blogging this story and now it may turn into a 6-7 part series leading up to my move to LA. Stay tuned…

source : IamNecole


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