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NY born Noel Regis rap name (Novacaine) chops it up with Patrick Neree about what sets him apart from other Atlanta rappers now he moved to the south side of Atlanta at the age of 13 (24 now). I got the chance to travel to Atlanta to shoot/film and vibe out with him Dipp as well as kick it in the studio with Yung Joc and Big A(Rapper/Producer). Read the the interview and leave your thoughts below.

Photos by Patrick Neree

Who is Novacaine, and how did you get your name?

Novacaine is a Young Playa/ “Hustla ass ni**a that turned dreams into reality” (excerpt from song “Rock With Me”).. In junior high I had friends that nick named me casanova cause of my ways with the ladies. As I got older the Nova stuck. I added the Caine it might not be appropriate to tell you why.. (Smiles and inhales joint)

What are your thoughts on the music coming out of Atlanta and how will yours be different?

Alot of the music coming out of Atlanta its cool its uptempo, fun, and as you see Atlanta has managed to stay relevant for a minute. The club scene is major in Atlanta so you hear a lot of club music, dance music, etc. But dudes out here spittin, I feel the way my music will be different and impact the Atlanta scene is I will bring a more universal/playa sound and I will be put in more of a lyrical category.

How did you get into rap??

At around age 11 or 12, I was always a huge fan of rap. To the point I’d write my favorite artists like Tupac or Eminem, I’d write thier lyrics down and recite them, as I got older rap then became a fun way for me to express myself as well as an outlet to free my mind….. but I always loved music and enjoyed writing even if it was just to entertain friends, family, or n***as in the street.

Who is Hustlaselite?

Hustla Elite is our company, It currently consists of myself and singer/song writer Dipp. Hustla Elite is the team but on a business side of things it is our company our brand and we wear it on our sleeves with pride.

Who Is Dipp and what does he bring to your music?

Playa Dipp is the hustla elite Ceo and artist. He has had the pleasure of working with people such as Jagged Edge, Jody Breeze and Duke of Boyz in the Hood. He then went on to write and produce a song for Chile of TLC although it was never released, he has also been featured on songs with Slick Pulla from CTE while writing songs for the new and upcoming artist from Block Entertainment Jaquees. What he brings to my music is a fresh unique sound. I mean..Bruh go hard and the writing process comes natural to him, he’s very diverse and I feel like he adds the diversity to my music that I need. He often sees my vision & together we make great music.

 Hustlaselite singer/songwriter Dipp


Do you feel that you have to make club music in order to be noticed?

I think it would be benificial due to my climate and location but at the same time I’m a diverse MC that likes to speak on the struggle, my lifestyle, experiences, politics, and what those around me are going through etc. So I would never limit myself to 1 particular genre of music.

Who would you like to collab with that is in the music industry right now?

I would love to collab with artists such as T.I, Nas, Ziggy Marly, Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem, Bun B to name a few, because they are a some of the artists who I, and many others look up to as Hip Hop’s elite and they paved the way for me and has inspired me as an MC. Other artists are Nicki Minaj…I think that be hot.. Lauren Hill is great to me and the list goes on…

What is it going to take for people to notice you?

I’m going to have to work hard, continue networking, staying focused and moving forward. Hustla Elite is all about grinding & progression. Soon enuff the right opportunity will present its self and when it does I will captilize. But understanding that I can’t wait on anyone, and that people will recognize the hard work that I’m putting in and in due time everyone will have no choice but to notice me.

Mixtape coming soon?

I have 2 mixtapes set to be released around September might be before then, however the specific release date aint been set yet I’m in the stu this week..,we also have the Hustla Elite compilation coming soon so stay tuned.

Yung Joc x Novacaine x Big A

Where can people find you?

Im on the southside of the A if looking for me. (lights joint and inhales) but you can check me out at | @kingcaine1 | @PlayaDipp

or just Google Hustla Elite.

Anything you want to say?

I’d like to say thank you to all the people that have been supporting and been keeping up with me and this movement and I want to shout out to the Embassy, Ozlo, Mookie, and you Patrick Neree for this opportunity for this interview, We out here!..

Shot this video earlier this year on my last trip to Atlanta check it out and leave comments below if you think Novacaine has what it takes to make it.


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