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Inspiration: Dreams| Reaching For The Clouds

Posted this photo to my TUMBLR yesterday, and it inspired me to write this.

“Going for your dreams sometimes you have to reach higher than the clouds…”

When your chasing your dreams sometimes you second guess yourself (or the people around you do) and sometimes you find your self explaining to others in order to feel better about your self and the reality is why does someone else have to believe in you before you do? Stop explaining your vision and just go out there and make it happen sometimes you wonder will your dreams ever come true but you have to just know that everything will be fine and believe in yourself… not second guess because just like you may look at the photo above and question its validity I know exactly when I took this photo, you don’t need people to validate your belief In yourself keep on believing and keep on dreaming one day they will come true…if you want it bad enough…



I took the basic principles from this video and applied some of them to my life not all, when you make changes in your life to completely change at the drop of a dime can be too much for the people around you, it has to slowly become a part of your lifestyle 5 months after I applied this work ethic people started to notice how hard I was working and one thing led to another, while working an event with Necole we got the opportunity to meet Will Smith at the Highline Ballroom In NYC (12-11-10)at a Willow Smith concert. It was at that moment that I realized It wasn’t luck allowed me to shake the hand of the man who shaped my life around it was sheer hard work dedication, I’ll save the rest of the story for another day but you can see what he said to us In the beginning of this video.

Some of the principles from the earlier video that stuck with me are below hopefully if you were like me last year you can turn your life around and give 100% to your goals…not 99%…

“There’s no reason for a plan B It distracts you from plan A”

”Greatness truly exists in all of us”

“Being realistic is the most common traveled road to mediocrity”

“While the other guy is sleeping I’m working while the other guy is eating I’m working”

“I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be layed, you do that everyday and soon you have a wall”
Will Smith –
Words Of Wisdom


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