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Photo: Zoe Saldana | Kaylien Directorial Debut

Zoe Saldana

Photo by Patrick Neree

Zoe Saldana is known for her work in front of the camera but but now she’s walking the path of actress turned director (Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman) in her directorial debut.

 This is a collaboration with Glamour Reel Moments film series to encourage female directors in Hollywood and has already produced dozens of films that screened at major film festivals ( Sundance,Toronto). Her film will also be available online.


Malin Akerman, Bradley Cooper, Judy Reyes, Isabella Acres, Kelli Barksdale

Synopsis: The film puts the viewer in the shoes of  a young girl with autism dealing with the pressure of fitting in, Kalya “Kaylien” has been changing schools due to her condition and this film purposely depicts young Kayla as an alien to show how some classmates and teachers treat a child with  autism. This short film delivers a clear and positive message, which is patience dealing with children with any kind of condition.

Excellent concept as well as execution it was short, sweet and straight to the point!


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