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Rica Wade | A Dignified Woman Q&A

Rica Wade & Myself sat down with Stefan Andrews of Dignified Devil for a few questions Excerpts below read full interview here.

Excerpt: From DignifiedDevil.Com

Written by Stefan Andrews Photography by Patrick Neree 

Patrick Neree 

DD:What is it about the female form that’s so appealing?

Patrick Neree: What’s great about the female form is that no matter the person you can always find something sexy about them. It can be their confidence, smile or even their walk. There are so many different dynamics to the female form, it’s ridiculous.

DD: How do you get the  ”performance” you want out of the women you shoot?

PN: In order to get a great performance from a model you have to make a connection.  Really make them feel comfortable that they are in great hands. Meeting beforehand works well, too, but when I’m meeting them the day of the shoot I am as descriptive as possible.

Rica Wade 

DD: If your sex life was a film which would it be and why?

Rica Wade : There’s no specific movie, but it would definitely fall into the Film Noir genre. There’s this underlying sensuality and mystery in Film Noir…a femme fatale dance.

What role does sex play in your life?

RW: It plays its role. (Smiles)

Read Full Interview Here.


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